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How to add photos to a traditional photo album

how to add phtos to a traditional photo album

Not sure how best to add photos to your photo album? Don’t worry, staring at blank pages can feel a little daunting when you start to fill an album but we’re here to help. Read on to discover our top tips so you can fill up your photo album with confidence.

how to add phtos to a traditional photo album

1. Sort out your photos


how to plan your photo album photos

Before you order your album, it’s worth thinking about how many photos you intend to put in it as this will help you determine what size you need and the number of pages you’ll go for. You needn’t have them all ready but spending a little time thinking about it now will help you get the best album for your needs.



2. Choose a photo album size

grey linen photo album


The size of your photos will also affect the way you put them in your album so consider this before you choose your album. For instance, if you have lots of old Polaroid photos to fill it then a square format may work well or if you’re planning on filling it with large landscape images then naturally a landscape album could suit your needs better.

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3. Plan your layout


Once you have your album, before you start with any mounting, we suggest laying out your photos on the page before you stick them to plan out your album. The number of photos you can fit on each page will, of course, be based on how large your prints are.

Tip: Give you photos room to breathe on the page by allowing some white space around them, framing them in this way makes them even lovelier to look at.


4. Tell a story with your photos


Consider how certain shots look next to one another, consider colours and styles.  Grouping photos that tell a story is a great way to help your album flow better they generally follow the timeline in which they were taken but it’s also fun to group portraits, landscapes or similar locations too.


5. Stick your photos in

photo album layout

You’ve two options when it comes to adding your photos to your personalised album. Once you’ve planned your layouts you can permanently stick them in using photo mounting squares – rather than glue, acid-free adhesive stickers are designed especially for photos and so won’t damage them or the paper of your album and will give a long-lasting hold. Easy to use they make a quick and simple way to fill up your album fast.

Alternatively, if you like the thought of being able to remove your photos at any time you can use photo corners, this approach needs a bit more dexterity to apply but once you get the hang of it, these handy little corners hold your photos securely in place until you want to take them out, making them a really flexible option for your album.

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