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Ideas to put in your photo album

Ideas to put in your photo album by the Bespoke Album Company #photoalbum #personalisedphotoalbum


We all take more photos than ever, the ease of whipping out our phones to take a quick snap, or using smart digital cameras to really capture the moment, means we’re all documenting our days like never before.

But if like many of us, your photos are left lurking on your devices never to be seen and enjoyed, why not consider printing them and putting them in a photo album? It’s a great way to celebrate and remember those moments you took the care to photograph.

But what would you add to yours? Here are a few photo album ideas to get you started:

Ideas to put in your photo album by the Bespoke Album Company #photoalbum #personalisedphotoalbum

A Wedding Photo Album

Navy Moire satin wedding photo album

Naturally, let’s start with a biggie. Traditional and timeless a photo album to capture your wedding day is something to be treasured. Allowing you to relive those memories of your special day for years to come.

And it doesn’t have to be your wedding either – we get lots of requests for personalised photo albums as gifts which makes an especially thoughtful wedding present.

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A Baby Photo Album

Ivory Leather Baby Girl Photo Album - Pink & Ivory

What about a baby photo album? From those early expectant days of pregnancy to that birth year of first, baby photo books are a gorgeous way to capture those magical changes little ones make. These photo albums not only capture a special journey but become family heirlooms you and your child will love to look through. They also make a great baby shower gift for parents-to-be.

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A Holiday Photo Album

sand in our toes holiday photo album

After spending a heavenly holiday why not create a personalised photo album filled with photos of your break away. Perfect to remember your special days long after the suntan has faded.

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A Family Yearbook Photo Album

family yearbook photo album black leather

Think of all that happens you and your family in a year. The events, milestones and memories you make. A family yearbook photo album is a brilliant way to capture and celebrate all your achievements as a family and makes an impressive Christmas gift.

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A Pet Photo Album

dad and Willow pet photo album

Man’s best friend shouldn’t feel left out. Pampered pooches and fabulous felines are more photographed than ever before, so collect your favourite and fill up a personalised pet photo album to capture their cuteness.

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Anniversary Photo Album

wedding album white leather with confetti

Whether it’s your first, fourth or fiftieth wedding anniversary – a photo album makes a wonderful project to create together. And with many of our photo album covers being traditional anniversary gifts – such a paper, leather and linen – they make a wonderful gift too.

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A Birthday Photo Album

Birthday personalised photo album

Special birthdays deserve special parties and why not capture all that cake and candle magic in a photo album you’ll be able to relive again and again. The invitations, the decorations, the cake and the guests are all worth enjoying at time and time again.



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